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Jet stormed backstage angrily, trying to calm herself. "It's only a game," she told herself. "Stay calm, it's just a game." Game or not, though, she hated losing to anybody. It wasn't their job after all, their job was to deny the contender any points, not hand them ten on a plate. Now she had lost her perfect Hang Tough record to that American contender, and the whole arena was still buzzing with the shock of it. In the interview, Jet looked as though she hadn't minded suffering a humiliating defeat, and congratulated Peggy, but she really didn't know who she was more furious with, Peggy or herself. She pressed a hand up to her eyes, trying to stop the tears from falling. It was dumb to cry over a game, but she was tired, she was angry, and at the moment all she wanted to do was lie down and sleep.
She could hear the door of the locker room being opened, and someone coming over to sit beside her.
Zodiac had a hunch where Jet would be found. When she opened the door, she was right. Jet was sitting on one of the benches and looked absolutely exhausted.
"Hi," she said wearily, drawing a hand across her dark eyes.
Zodiac sat down beside Jet and drew her into a hug. As she predicted, it was all that Jet needed and she felt her collapse against her.
The two sat like that for a few minutes. Eventually Jet sat up.
She was quite relieved when Zodiac had come to find her. Her best friend was the one person she wanted to see at the moment.
"I know something that will make you feel better," Zodiac said. If Jet had felt a bit more like herself, she would have noticed a flirty and nervous undertone to Zodiac's voice. But she didn't.
"Whatever it is, bring it on," Jet said, sounding slightly more cheerful.
Whatever she had expected was most definitely not what happened. What she did not expect was for Zodiac to put a hand on her cheek, turn her head slightly towards her, and kiss her.
The unexpected, however, can also be brilliant, like now.
She never knew why she had done it. But it just seemed the right thing to do. Jet was so upset, and to be honest, she didn't like seeing her in such a state. She never really forgot how it felt: the cool velvety touch of their lips on each others, the way that some tears still on Jet's cheeks managed to merge onto hers, and the soft sensation of Jet's fingers lying on top of hers.
A knock on the door brought them both back to reality with a jump. At once, Jet jumped up with a smile back in place, and opened the door. Vogue stuck her head in.
"Are you two coming out?" she said cheerfully.
Zodiac thought for one wild moment she must have heard Vogue wrong. Surely she never meant........
"What?" said Jet.
"Are you two coming back out to the arena? Ulrika's going frantic looking for you," Vogue said.
Jet pulled on her jacket and she and Zodiac ran, half laughing out into the corridor. Vogue followed, trying to work out how Jet could go from so miserable to so happy in the space of ten minutes.


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