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Zodiac strapped on her helmet and stepped up to the Hang Tough platform, with Jet right behind her. Everybody else had gone off for a break, but they had decided to stay and get some practice in on Hang Tough before joining them. They both knew the score. Zodiac was to try to swing across to the other side, after ten seconds Jet would follow and try to catch her. The time didn't matter, Jet could have to wait a minute and still catch the prey.
Zodiac stepped up on the platform and took hold of the ring, before swinging out further, over the mat. A clanking behind her told her Jet had started her swing and Zodiac knew she wouldn't have long to wait. She didn't. She had only reached the scoring zone when she felt Jet's legs snaking around her body. A few seconds later, she let go and fell to the crash mat, Jet beside her.
Jet was lying slightly doubled up.
"Are you OK?" Zodiac gasped, scrambling over to her. It must have been her elbow hitting her friend in the stomach. Jet nodded, still gasping for air. Trying to relieve her quickly, Zodiac started gently massaging her stomach, trying not to dwell on what she was doing and failing miserably. To distract herself from the thoughts hurtling around her brain, she watched Jet instead, and saw her very gradually relax.
Eventually Jet sat up beside her.
"Sure you're OK?" Zodiac asked, drawing her into a hug, and one which was returned whole heartedly.
"Mmhmm." Jet lay back down, and Zodiac lay beside her. "Just a bit tired. You know, Zodiac, that's the furthest you've got so far. I had to work a bit harder this time."
"Do you want me to go slower?" Zodiac said, without thinking. She suddenly realised what had just happened. She was lying on the crash mat right next to her beautiful best friend, and she had had to go and say that, of all things!
A flirty grin appeared on Jet's face. "I think that's a better arrangement," she decided.
Zodiac was so shocked at what she had just said, that she didn't notice that it wasn't until they were back in the locker room that Jet let go of her hand.


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